After 2 months of being lazy, new animation is out! Check it out!

Work in progress...

2013-06-22 13:36:42 by FunnyFilmsStudioNG

:O Any WormsFans here?

Work in progress...

Neverhood fan animation :3

2013-06-08 07:16:29 by FunnyFilmsStudioNG

Animation is done :3 finally!

Working hard

2013-04-21 06:39:15 by FunnyFilmsStudioNG

Im proud of this animation.
This project is going to end well :D

Working hard

New animation

2013-04-20 07:23:51 by FunnyFilmsStudioNG

I'm sure some of you guys know about Neverhood.
But, did you know that new games from the same people is coming out? Also made of klay!
Im so pumped that im making a Neverhood animation :3


2013-04-17 16:20:35 by FunnyFilmsStudioNG

Well, this is my NG account! Im going to upload my animations here! Also check my youtube account: